Connor and his best friend CharlotteSisters on Halloween Halloween was great this year.  My Mom was able to fly out for a few days and spend the holiday with all of us.  Connor was Tony Hawk Tony Hawk at trunk or treat, Gracie was a magic Genie Gracie as Genie at the trunk or treat and Emma  was a little witch Little Miss Emma the cutest witch at trunk or treating.  The kids got to trick or treat twice because we did Trunk or Treating a couple of days before the actual holiday.  I think we have about 20 pounds of candy in the house right now between the two nights.  I’m not exaggerating, my kids are trick or treating machines!  Emma was the most dedicated though, I must say.  By the end of Halloween night Gracie was in her stroller and she was still going up to houses and taking candy.  She wasn’t very good at saying the trick-or-treat part, but she was excellent at saying “thank you” which delighted everyone.  I’m gonna have to start secretly mailing candy to everyone just to get it out of my house!  So, if you receive a plain, manila envelop in the mail with candy in it, you know where it came from!


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