TroubleEmma going bye-byeEmma eating a chicken leg 

I’m going to write a little description of each of my children so you can have a snapshot of where they are in their lives right now.  Emma is currently 20 months old and really, really cute; but really, really a pill.  She definitely proves my theory that the cuter the kid the more of a stinker they are.  This is God’s way of balancing the scales you see.  So, she is into climbing on everything.  She climbs on tables, chairs, beds, bathtubs, etc.  You get the picture.  She also likes to flip upside down and she loves to bounce.  Climbing, upside down flipping and bouncing…..not good combos.  She talks all the time and quite well for her age (she takes after her sister).  She loves animals, loves water, LOVES her sister and brother and loves going “bye, bye” the most.  Emma is also my first and only child to eat like a normal person.  If there is one area I have utterly and totally failed as a mother it is in the food department.  Those of you who know Connor and Gracie know I am not exaggerating this point.  But, Emma eats.  She eats anything and everything.  No separate meals, no fussing, no noodle only dinners.  It only took 3 tries, but I finally did it!


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  1. Tamara Castaneda

    Julie, you made me LOL several times with your descriptions, I can’t wait to read more about the rest of the family!

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